⨁ Shooters Rust welcomes all those who loves to play Rust. Come build, pvp and have fun! ⨁

⨁Please check out/purchase our VIP kits for a great experience and to help support the server!⨁

⨁ Purchasing any VIP kits unlocks access to that specific VIP kit on all our servers!⨁

⨁Please check out our VIP kits to see what other commands, perks, and items you can get access to!⨁

⨁We've just moved into a dedicated server. Details below!⨁

==== Discord ====
Or type /dc in game to join our discord.

==== Servers =====
ShootersRust 1000x PvE
client.connect 1000x.shootersrust.com:28015

ShootersRust 1000x PvP
client.connect 1000x.shootersrust.com:28018

ShootersRust 10x PvE
client.connect 10x.shootersrust.com:28015

ShootersRust 3x Vanilla (Wipes monthly)
client.connect 10x.shootersrust.com:28018

==== Social Media ====

Join and follow us, as well as send clips!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shootersrust
Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@shootersrust
Medal: https://medal.tv/u/shootersrust

==== Shooters Rust Server Description ====
Shooters Rust servers are noob Friendly, filled with lots of quality of life features, and a unique PVP/Zombie survival experience!

● Wipes are weekly on Thursdays at 3pm EST. Daily Restarts at 5am EST.
● Everyone has BGrade, Mini, Scrap Heli, TP/Home, Trade, SkinBox, BSkin, Quick Box Sorter, Remove, Automatic Door!
● Max group size 8
● Heavily Boosted Loot for lots of PVP/Raiding, and 1 Hit, Auto Pickup on Barrels
● No BP, Instant Craft, and No Workbench
● Voteday
● Zombie Hordes roaming and at monuments in PvE servers.
● Free and Cheap VIP kits, including Jetpack and Parachute
● Clans & Automatic TC/Codelock sharing and auto Door Close
● Raid alerts and notifications to discord (linked) and in game chat
● Earn Points and Spend at the Rewards Shop
● Player Leaderboard
● Custom Raidable Bases marked on the map
● Active admins
● Along with a lot more fun stuff

==== Rules ====
● No cheats or exploits.
● No racism.

==== In-game Commands ====
/s - Rewards shop (includes kits!)
/tpr - Teleport
/home - Add a home to teleport back to
/dance 1, 2, or 3 to party and show your dance moves!
/spawn {mini/rhub/boat/tcop/car/horse}
/bgrade 1 (wood), 2(stone), 3 (metal), 4 (hqm)
/bskin - building skins that you can use along with /bgrade
/skin - skinbox for attire and items
/clan - clan with friends and other players
/ad - auto door close toggle